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Asian and Wind

Despite the number of racist (technically it’s not really considered racist if you’re talking about your own race) remarks I’ve thrown against my fellow yellows (I’m at it again), I embrace my oriental springs quite fervently. 

Now that I’ve come to think of it, I think Mulan and I are very much alike—in looks and personality. 

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Immersion Diary: Sea-metry

Barangay Nigui is a fishing community in which people thrive on salty lakes for fresh aquatic harvest. The absence of cars and other motor vehicles was refreshing, as most of the people either walked on foot or rode on small boats to get around. 

Now, I can finally say, I have lived by the waters. 

I am proclaiming this hashtag.Instagram: @hgdt


I am proclaiming this hashtag.
Instagram: @hgdt

Immersion Diary: To the Sea

Our tricycle ride from Barangay Nigui to the coast comprised of political discussions and awe for nature. There’s nothing like a short commute with a few good people. 

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Anonymous asked:
How do you spend time productively? What is a typical day in your life? :)

Hi there!

Well, I always have things planned in advance, to begin with. I’m generally not spontaneous—which isn’t a good thing at times. I have a planner which I review and write on regularly. I set goals—both short term and long term—and plan practical steps to get there. Although I find that I can only make things happen with great discipline (and believe me, I’m still an amateur at this). I’d create mini-rules for myself (at times I’d write them down) and make alarms on my phone to make sure I remember to do this.

Being productive is great and fulfilling, but there’s a danger when you’re always focused on trying to achieve something (at times you get burned out and barely forget to just enjoy what you have right in front of you), but that’s a whole different story. Haha! 

A typical day would consist of doing work (academic and extra-curricular), quiet time during the morning and evening (I like to reflect, but at times I wake up late or end up too tired to think), having lunch or dinner with a close friend (I have this love for sitting for hours and talking about anything—from mundane to profound, managing my online business, and learning—be it in school, reading / watching the news, reading a book, talking to someone older and more experienced than I am. 


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